Machine Tool Safety Windows

Our mission is to improve the safety and visibility of machining. Visiport has been working with safety windows for machine tool applications as soon as we started offering spin windows that mounted on them. Informing builders and machine tool users about all aspects of safety window design, installation, and usage is one way we can help our customers improve safety while improving their bottom line.

The traditional model for distribution of safety windows in the USA perpetuates high prices and a lack of information.

Working with our partners, Visiport offers both affordable safety window pricing and product expertise.

Safety Window Construction

Information on the various types of machine tool safety windows available.

Impact Class Requirements

Determining how to specify a safety window to match your machine tool's capabilities.

More details coming soon. EN12415 Brief

Window Replacement

Safety window replacement services offered by Visiport.

Window Mounting

For customers already using or planning to use spin windows, a description of factory mounting services available.